Kenrick King
January 27, 1950 - April 3, 2013

Kenrick King

Kenrick King
Jan 27, 1950 - Apr 3, 2013

Kenrick King
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Kenrick King, 63 a resident of South Florida for the past 29 years, passed away April 3, 2013. He is survived by his wife Beverley King, daughter, Lisa King, his brothers and sisters; Winston, Bunny, Dawn, Wendy, and Jenny, his sister in laws, Doreen, Vaunette, and Lorraine, his brother in laws; Wayne, Phillip, and Randy, and his nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, Henry and Irene King.


Healing Registry on Apr 11, 2013

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Vaunette on Jul 15, 2017

Uncle Ken Happy Anniversary today. You are always missed. You know we would have been spending it with you and the family having a good time. Love always. Vaunette, Wayne, Colleen and the kids.

Bev King on Jul 15, 2017

July 15th - HAPPY Anniversary Mr. King. You made my life so wonderful and those beautiful memories keep me going.

Love Always,

B King on Jun 18, 2017

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to you my Love. You are, was and will always be the BEST!!

Love you Forver!

Bev King on May 13, 2017


Eternal Love,

B King on Apr 28, 2017



Bev King on Apr 13, 2017

The last time ever I saw your face - you are my world!!!

We are one.

Bev King on Apr 3, 2017

CandleThey say time heals all wounds, in time the pain will go away... For me, that is not the case my love. The pain gets worse each day, each year. I can't believe you left us four years ago. I remember the details as if it happened yesterday.

Ken, I love you more each day and will always love you.

Love forever,

Rhonda on Apr 3, 2017

CandleMiss You X X

Bev King on Apr 1, 2017

We are back King! Thanks for all the treasures and gifts. Keeping and protecting us I know was always your role and you are still sticking to it.. I know you had a hand in it. We all got back in one piece and we had a wonderful day. We missed you of course, and wish you were here with us.

You will always be in our thoughts and hearts - until we see you again.

Love you with all my heart!

Bev King on Mar 31, 2017

THANK YOU so much. We made it.

Words cannot express the love I hav for you. You know it! We went through the fire and still came out smelling like roses. Thanks for everything - yesterday, today and forever!

My Endless Love,

Bev King on Feb 14, 2017

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you my love.

Always Yours,

Vaunette Davis on Jan 27, 2017

Happy Birthday also from the grandkids- Devaughn, Darien, Deja, and Diavion- They have their own stories that they remember about you which makes me laugh sooo much! Much Love!

Vaunette Davis on Jan 27, 2017

Ken- It's another year of missing you on your birthday. I still remember the good days and the fun times. They may be gone but not forgotten. Happy Birthday my brother-in-law. You were the best.

Vaunette Davis on Jan 27, 2017


Bev King on Jan 27, 2017

Happy Birthday to you my love. Miss you everyday, but know that you are always with us. You light up my life.

Until we meet again.

Rhonda on Jan 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Uncle Ken x x

Ken on Jan 3, 2017

HAPPY 2017 to your my love. Wish you were here with me.

Love Forever,

Ken, on Dec 25, 2016

A Very Merry Christmas to you my LOVE. I know you heard us this morning. We Miss you so much, but we are surviving. Your strength helps us to carry on.

Love you Dearly Ken,

Annette on Nov 24, 2016

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU KEN. You will always be the Love of My Life.

Thanks for the Fantastic Memories throughout the Years!!

Bev on Nov 16, 2016

Its been awhile my love, nothing has changed - still in pain. Knowing you are still watching over us warms my heart.

Love you always!

Beverley King on Oct 20, 2016

You are our Light. Thank you once again. What would we do without you. Lisa and I are BLESSED. You said you will always be with us and I especially feel it. Love you Babe!!


To you my love, on Sep 23, 2016

I again have to thank you for protecting us as we travel. You know we are going once again, so please bring us back safely my love.

Love You Forever,

Ken on Sep 6, 2016



Mr King on Aug 25, 2016

What were you trying to convey to me on the 23rd?


My Love, on Aug 17, 2016

Miss you a whole lot!! Thanks for keeping us safe.


Ken King, on Aug 2, 2016

I know you are still watching over us as you promised. THANKS for the good news yesterday - you are the BEST!!! I can't believe you.


King on Jul 18, 2016

I MISS SO MUCH!!! Especially this past weekend. You were my WORLD.


K KING you can never be replaced!! on Jul 15, 2016

CandleKen King I miss you so much, especially today - our day. You know what our schedule would be on this day as I plan to stick to that!! You are never going to be forgotten. You left a mark on our family that will never ever be duplicated and certainly never be replaced. Cliche - you are my Soulmate and you took my soul with you in April 2013.

Miss your love!!
B King

To my only LOVE KEN KING on Jul 15, 2016

CandleHAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my one and only husband. Thanks for lifting me up and keeping me strong in all our years together. You are my rock and we will be together again as you always promised me. You are my shining star, don't you ever leave my side. We'll be by to talk later.

Love you with all my heart, my body and my soul!!


My Forever LOVE on Jul 8, 2016

I am totally in LOVE with you and that will never change. You are right as usual, keep on coming to me in my dreams KING!! You always say you would never leave me and I you kept your word. Everything happens for a reason and I now truly believe that. Lisa and I are well protected! You are not here with us physically, but we feel the love everyday In all we do!

Our LOVE will never fade.

MR. KING! on Jun 29, 2016

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE and MISS you Ken King? You left me with such wonderful and memorable thoughts that will keep me going until I see you again. You are my forever LOVE.


Ken, on Jun 28, 2016

I miss you King, really miss the fun times we had together. They will be in my memories forever, wish they would come back.


To: Mr. King on Jun 19, 2016

Happy Fathers Day to the best father in the World. You did it all, as a Father and Husband.

Bev and Lisa

K King on Jun 3, 2016

Three Years and Two Months!!
Thanks for protecting us as you said you always would.

Love you over and over,

The one and only Mr. King on May 29, 2016

Thanks for taking care of us. We are going to try and enjoy ourselves this weekend for the first time. Bring us back home safely. We love you endlessly. I will never stop loving you my Ken.


K King on May 25, 2016

Thanks again!! We made it, all because of you. You said you would take care of us forever and you are. Love you dearly and will never ever stopping thinking about you my love. You are one of a kind.

Yours forever,

My Wonderful Hubby on May 9, 2016

BEAUTIFUL Weekend for Mother's Day. I know you had a hand in it. THANK you my love. I miss you every day, I know you hear me at nights, but I am a survivor - you thought me well.

I will always, always love you Ken.


K King on May 7, 2016

As always you came through. THANKS you so much. You said you would never leave me and I truly believe it. We got back home safely. Thanks for protecting us. You are simply the BEST!!!

Your one and only,

Mr. K King on Apr 25, 2016

King, all went well, we had a blast - thank you. Wish you could have been there physically, but we do know that you were there with us in spirit. They had your pictures all over the presentation, I was so touched.

Till we meet again. I love you dearly!


King, on Apr 22, 2016

Boy, am I going to miss you tonight. But we know you will be with us in spirit.

Love you my King,

KING, on Apr 19, 2016



My Ken on Apr 13, 2016

Three years ago was the last time ever I saw your face. Ken, I will never forget you and the great times we had together. You will always be in my heart.

Love You Dearly,

KING on Apr 6, 2016


My love for you grows more every day.


To My Darling Husband Ken on Apr 3, 2016

CandleApril 3, 2013 is a date that will forever be etched in my memory. Ken, you left us physically three ago, spiritually I know you will be with us always. You did promise that you will never leave me and I can tell you are still here with me. I also will keep my promise to you. Thanks for the birthday gift!!

Wish me luck with my speech.

Always Yours,

Rhonda, Ayesha & 🐶 on Apr 3, 2016

Candle3 years and it still feels like yesterday, I will never forget u and will continue to miss u always.. It give me great comfort to know that ur still watching over ur ladies and I'm sure u helped aunt Bev turn up on Thursday 😊. Well take care uncle Ken we live u 😘😘😘

To: Ken King on Apr 2, 2016

We brought you home 3 years ago, prepared to take care of you for the rest of our lives, but it was not to be. We continue to hurt for you my love.

We love you!
Bev and Lisa

To my KING, on Mar 31, 2016

CandleYou are the BEST!!

Forever Love,

Ken on Mar 31, 2016

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Yes, I will celebrate the way we always do.

Love you eternally,

To: The KING on Mar 16, 2016

Love you so much King, my heart hurts. How do you mend a broken heart? I feel you around me all the time - don't leave. Love, love, love you Mr. K.

Your one and only,

Mr. King, on Mar 11, 2016

Thank you for my day King. Now I really know that you are watching over us.

Love you forever!

KEN on Mar 6, 2016

King I miss you so badly. You are my world!!

Love you madly,

To: Ken King on Feb 15, 2016

Hope you liked the balloons and flowers. Happy Valentine's Day my love.


Gloria Boatwright on Feb 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gloria Boatwright on Jan 27, 2016

Hi Ken. Happy Birthday!

Ken King on Jan 27, 2016

CandleMy Ken, my Ken. I miss you so much, why did you have to go so soon? Why? Why? Life is just not fair.


Happy Birthday My Forever Love on Jan 27, 2016

CandleAs Henry King would say, "Boy you getting old". I miss you every second,every minute, every hour of the day. Your strength keeps Lisa and me going. Sometimes I think I am bearly surviving, but you are there to lift me up. We know that you are watching and protecting us every step of the way. You were the Best Husband, Father and Gentleman that walked this earth.

What a glorious celebration it will be when we see each other once again. I can't wait. I will forever be yours - our LOVE will never die.


Yours Always,

Rhonda on Jan 27, 2016


Rhonda on Jan 26, 2016

CandleHi uncle Ken well tomorrow is ur birthday and I wanted too pass by now to wish u a Happy Birthday today.. Another birthday without u is gonna be hard for ur family but I know ur gonna "Turn Up" (as the young people say lol)..
So enjoy ur day to the max . Love u always Rhonda, Ayesha & 🐶😘😘😘🎂🍺🍾🎁🎈🎉

Vaunette on Jan 24, 2016

Ken, I know your birthday is right around the corner and it's another year without you. You were the glue that kept the family together. There is no other like you. You would surely be disappointed in us if you were here. Pray for us and hope you are having a grand ole time with Ma,Da,Your parents, etc. Love you always my brother-in-law and have a wonderful time on your birthday!

My forever Love, on Jan 15, 2016

Struggling, struggling to survive without you my love. I hurt, hurt everyday. Lisa keeps me going, but I really need you King. I cannot accept you leaving us so soon. I love you with all my heart.

Missing you!

KEN on Jan 5, 2016



Ken, My Love on Jan 1, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Please continue to protect and watch over Lisa and me. I love you, love you, love you and we miss you terribly.

Forever yours,

K King on Dec 28, 2015

As you can imagine the holidays are not the best for us, I know you heard us when we came to visit and talk to you about all the happenings. The New Year is upon us and I know how you loved to celebrate December 31.

I will never forget you my one and only. You live within me forever!! Keep on protecting Lisa and me. I know you are, I feel you around the house.

Yours forever!

Rhonda on Dec 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Uncle Ken... Love u always Rhonda, Ayesha & 🐶

My Dear Ken, on Dec 21, 2015

This is the worst time of the year for us. I know you will continue to help us survive.

Love Always,

My Forever Love, on Dec 9, 2015


Ken on Nov 26, 2015



Mr. King on Nov 25, 2015

Another holiday without you, it is not getting any better my love. Our world has been turned upside down and we are hurting. We miss and love you dearly. But we take comfort in knowing that you are watching and protecting us as you did when you were here. We still laugh when we listen to the BIG O!! You are one of a kind.

Love You Madly King

Ken, my love on Nov 3, 2015

Two years and seven months..........

Miss you

Mr. King on Oct 18, 2015

Today is your favorite girl's day.

Lots of Love

Ken on Sep 28, 2015

I miss your presence around the house. Your loving memories I will always treasure. I will be loving you always, forgetting you? NEVER.

You are so loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure. Although I held you in my arms for only 41 years I will hold our memories in my heart FOREVER.

Missing you,

Kenrick my love on Sep 15, 2015

Thanks for my peace, you always kniew how to make things right. You are the BEST. I love you so much. Thanks again.

Your Forever Love

Ken on Sep 8, 2015

Miss you every day. Our lives will never be the same without you. We are totally lost.


King on Aug 18, 2015

I know you are watching the fiasco that is going on. Thank you for taking care of me and Lisa. I love unconditionally Ken and will always do.


K King on Aug 13, 2015

King, where are you? I need you so badly!!


B King on Aug 3, 2015

Thanks for bringing us back home safely. We continue to love you even more.

Yours forever

Bev on Jul 20, 2015

I thank God for you every day. He could not have created a better man. I guess you heard and was watching everything from Da's services over the weekend. God Bless you my Ken.

Thank you for the life you gave me and Lisa.

Love you Always,

B King on Jul 2, 2015

I know you got my message from Da yesterday! Take of him like you always did.

Love you King

Bev King on Jun 29, 2015

King, you know I had a very tough weekend. I know you heard and saw all that happened. Keep protecting Lisa and me until we see you again.

Love you, Love you, Love you!
Truly yours,

Bev and Lisa King on Jun 21, 2015

CandleHAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO THE BEST FATHER AND HUSBAND. You will and cannot ever be replaced. There will be no one like you.

You are the greatest Ken!
Love you forever,
Bev and Lisa

Rhonda, Ayesha & 🐶 on Jun 21, 2015

CandleHappy Father's Day uncle Ken. Love and miss u always

B King on Jun 15, 2015

Ken, I miss you so much, so much!!

Rhonda, Ayesha & Buddie 🐶 on Jun 9, 2015

CandleHi uncle Ken is been a min since I wrote to u so I'm taking the time to do it now. I always worry abt ur wife and child lol but I know ur looking after them. I sit sometimes and laugh to myself when I think of me and Ayesha sharing ur favorite beer o'doul's on the cruise, thanks too you we really had a great time ðŸ' so once again I wld likes to thank u. You was always a great man, and a great uncle and I will NEVER forget u. Love u loads

King on Jun 9, 2015

Mr. King I am so lost without you. Thanks for all those years of love and protection. I know you are still protecting Lisa and me and we do know the love will always be there. You were truly the BEST any woman could ever ask for.

Love you, Love you, Love you

Ken King on May 20, 2015

Ken King, you were my world!


B King on May 13, 2015

KEN KEN KEN - miss you so much Babe!!


KING on Apr 27, 2015

Thank you for this weekend. I know you had a hand in it, you always do. Keep protecting us.

Love you tremendously my King.

Ken on Apr 13, 2015

CandleThe last time ever I saw your face was two years ago today. You are the light of my life and an eternal candle is forever burning in my heart for you. You are my world Ken King.

You can NEVER be replaced

Beverley on Apr 3, 2015

Two years, two years my love and the pain and shock are still with us. Cannot believe you are not going to walk through that door. Thank you for keeping us safe and being with us faithfully, I do feel you around. Please continue to protect Lisa and me. Until we meet again.

Love always,

Bev on Apr 2, 2015

Hon, Lisa and I brought you home two years ago prepared to care for you the rest of our lives, but you didn't want that - we knew that. We miss and love you every day of our lives and wish you were still here physically with us.

You are forever with us. Someday we will be together. With our rings that I wear, I promise I will always love you.


B King on Apr 1, 2015


bev King on Mar 21, 2015

Ken, I thought of you with LOVE all day today, of course you know that is nothing new; I think about you everyday and yesterday and all days before that too. I often call our your name, I know you hear me and I can feel you in our home that I have left the same. I can't believe it is almost two years since you left me, the pain is still there and I know it will never go away until I see you again.

You and Me Ken, you and me!

Your Love,

Bev King on Mar 19, 2015

My Love, My Love, My Love - I just want you back!


Bev on Mar 6, 2015


Bev King on Feb 23, 2015

Life is just not the same King, I am a wreck. I miss you so much!!

B King on Feb 14, 2015


Bev on Feb 7, 2015

Ken, Ken, Ken - oh how I miss you Love!!!


B King on Feb 3, 2015

I am so lost without you King!


Colleen Davis on Jan 27, 2015

CandleHappy Birthday Uncle Ken! How does it feel to be 30 again. Hope your enjoying your special party in heaven. It was always a blessing to share a birthday so close to yours and it always will be. Its been two long years since God has called you to glory, but as long as you continue to keep in touch, we'll all be ok. Miss you forever and a day!

Colleen, Devaughn, Darien, Diavion and Deja

Bev King on Jan 27, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my love. We have your flowers and balloons all ready for your celebration. You will always be with us. We know where you will be going this afternoon!

Love you Dearly
Bev and Lisa

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