Sulma L Mendoza
November 22, 1962 - March 18, 2014

Sulma L Mendoza

Sulma L Mendoza
Nov 22, 1962 - Mar 18, 2014

Sulma L Mendoza
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Healing Registry on Mar 22, 2014

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Watson on Feb 14, 2016

CandleHappy Valentine!

Lisa on Oct 25, 2015

CandleHi girl.I miss you soon much! It is sooo hard to believe that you are not here with us. The one thing that I do remember is that you are someone that always was there for me as well as you were always there for your family. You always were honest and true. I just want you to know that I take your advice true to heart. You are in my heart everyday. When I have a problem I think of all that you have said to me. It has made me a stronger person and how to live life. You will always be there in my heart . You will always be loved as a friend a mom an aunt and a grandmother. I remember all the great times.That's what's keep me going forward. Thanks for being such a great friend! I miss you like crazy. Lisa

Mikey F. on Jun 23, 2015

Having a bad day. I wish you were here so we can go have some drinks.......Miss you big sister.

Tanya on Dec 19, 2014

CandleHey Mom,
Just wanted to tell you i miss you like crazy, and it has been hard without you, especially now with the holidays here and your birthday...It's been rough but i have to say you have raised all of us right and strong so day by day i keep my head up, because i know that's what you want. I love you, and i miss you so much...

aak on Sep 1, 2014

Estoy contristada con la pérdida de su ser querido, bien sabemos que la muerte es algo que sucede día a día, pero hay una bella esperanza que nos traerá cierto nivel de paz. Por tal razón quería compartir con usted algunas palabras de consolación que le ayudaran en estos momentos difíciles, tal como me ayudaron a mí. Estas palabras se encuentran en la Biblia, si tiene Biblia le invito a que lea Hechos 24:15, Revelación 21:3, 4, Juan 5: 28,29, ahí notara que dichos textos hablan de la bella esperanza de la resurrección, solo podemos imaginar la alegría de volver abrazar a nuestro ser querido que ha fallecido. Para aprender de estas promesas solo hay que seguir el consejo de Juan 17:3. Con dicho pensamiento en mente le invito a que visite el siguiente enlace, http/ Ahí encontrara un artículo que habla más al respecto.

Michael Figueroa on Jul 11, 2014

Thinking about you.........I am finally buying a car.... the kids don't know about it.. It's a surprise. I am sure everyone gonna be like ABOUT TIME. DANGGGGG! LOL ... Always asking for rides.....shoot...LOL

I miss you.......I love you!
Your 2nd little brother!

Janica on May 17, 2014

CandleTwo months have passed already and still cannot believe you are gone. We miss you so much, there is a empty feeling, nothing is the same. I love you and miss you so much. So much we wish to share with you... especialmente el chisme ...

Alisa your neice on Apr 20, 2014

CandleIt's 11:30pm4/20/14 Easter Sunday.... and I just can't stop thinking about you Titi. This is the first holiday without you :-( And yes, it's not the same but we had a good time. The best part was that your daughter Tanya got baptized today! I know you are in heaven chearing her on right now... she is staying so strong and so are the boys. your granddaughters are so beautiful and loving, I'm so happy to have them in our lives. And your bff/ sister is holding out ok along with grandma, in time we shall all heal.
Even tho your not physically here, I can still hear your voice and see your smile how can any of us forget. we all miss you so much..
We did the lantern ceremony as you know (u were there).. It was beautiful!! I'm sure you were laughing at us half the time as we chased the lanterns and prayed that the palm trees didn't catch on fire lol, but it really was a priceless moment. You are priceless! Till next time Titi as you always say ( Be Safe and see you later)

Dear God
Please help our family and friends from the pain we feel in our hearts, and the missing feeling that is hard to ignore.
We all know how wonderful she is to us and that without her we feel incomplete.. help us remember and cherish those good memories and love she left us.. for our lives need to move on and stay strong for one another. I need you Titi! WE need you.. strengthen our hearts for you are our new Angel!
In Jesus name AMEN.

Steve on Mar 29, 2014

You have my deepest sympathy and empathy in you loss. During such a time I was greatly encouraged by a promise I found in the Bible at Revelation 21:3, 4 where a time will come when we will not experience the suffering that come from this type of tragedy. With this thought in mind I invite you to visit, there you will find more information on Gods promise of the resurrection.

Karen Rosales on Mar 26, 2014

CandleTo Chris & Christina...I am sooo sorry for your loss. May your Mothers loving memories bring you strength, comfort & healing!

Tanya Carvajal on Mar 26, 2014

I Love You!!!!! I Miss you!!!!

Michael Figueroa on Mar 25, 2014

CandleGone to soon....Sulma, I cannot determine the appropriate words to express how I really feel about losing you. However, the lord called you home and I have to accept that "Jesus" has a bigger job for you and your work here on Earth is done. Just know you taught me that family and love are things we need to survive. I will miss you so much....

Tonya, Anthony, Christopher and Nicholas be strong throughout your healing...Your mom loved each and every one of you. I am going to miss her yelling ....which meant she cared so, so much for each of you. I will always cherish those moments and many more .

Family to the end.....

Christopher Fusco on Mar 24, 2014

CandleTo some she was a awesome aunt, daughter, sister or friend. To me she was much more, she was not only my mother, but my father, my friend, my 1st true love. I am so proud to be called her son. You have shown me things that will never leave my memory. I am sad to watch you leave us but i know you will be in a better place and will always be watching over us. I know it seems like my emotions are bottled. Thats because you taught me to be strong, not only for me but for our family and loved ones. This is not to be confused with the amount of love that i have and will always have for you. Please watch over us mom and i know we will meet again. I love you. Your son Chris

Christina on Mar 23, 2014

CandleUGH! This is one of the hardest things to deal with. My heart is beyond broken and things aren't supposed to be like this for a long long time. You have always been the sweetest, funniest, most fun, happy person. Always so welcoming and loving. I can't thank you enough for all of our memories and sharing Chris with me. Thank you for teaching him to be the best boyfriend ever. I know he wouldn't be the amazing person he is today without you. But you have nothing to worry about, I will take care of him. I have so much more to say but I'm sure you've heard me already. I know you're doing great where you are but please give us strength today. Love you!

Leticia Hurtado on Mar 23, 2014

CandleWhat can I say about Sulma that hasn't already been said...except that she was awesome! I will miss my crazy boricua coming through that door everyday like a tornado and greeting me with a hug like if we hadnt seen each other in weeks. I wil miss her forever "hot flashes", her being upset at Julius for chewing on her very expensive snake skin heels, and at the end of my shift her telling me "ok chica be safe enjoy the rest of your day I'll see you tomorrow". I will miss her mothering me when I'd be feeling under the weather or just plain stressed out that she'd offer me a drink. Sulma has touched my heart and will forever remain there. This type of person can never be replaced. She will forever live on through our memories and her love for each of us. I know she has moved on to be with our heavenly father and that she is in a better place where she can no longer suffer. I pray for her and her family to have solace in knowing that she was a very unique soul who was a shinning star amongst us. God bless and may she Rest in Peace! Te quiero por siempre Sulmita!



Nestor Mendoza on Mar 22, 2014

To my loving sister. Although I miss you,I will never forget you and I know in my heart I will see you again.
Even though we had little time together on this earth I thank God for the time we had and will treasure every second. Love You big sister. John 11:25

A. Bell on Mar 22, 2014

I'm so sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest sympathy. May you find comfort from your memories, as well as God's word the bible. Why do people we love die? Romans 5:12 says: "That is why, just as through one man (Adam) sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned." How loving of God to promise what is found at Revelation 21:4 which says, "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away."

Jackie Goldstein on Mar 22, 2014

CandleTo my sister. The sunshine of our lives and the glue that kept the family together. Words can't express the emptiness I feel. Who will I call when I get into an argument with Cindy our sister. Or to console me when I am being irrational. You will be forever in me heart and our memories will be eternal. You are the most beautiful angel in heaven!! Love you my sister.

daniel mendoza on Mar 21, 2014

CandleTo my loving cousin there are no words to express my sorrow of your passing. I l love you and I will miss you. The world is a little colder and darker since you left. May God give the family grace and peace.

Kevin Quinn on Mar 21, 2014

Tammie Marie Rodriguez on Mar 21, 2014


Alisa, Your loving niece on Mar 21, 2014

CandleTiti Sulma
It hurts so much that your not here. Im trying to keep it together for my cousins, it's just so hard.I know your in a better place, and i know life goes on. But you were the one that kept us all together and made us all laugh. I don't know how to move on but i will figure it out in time. I'm at the beach everyday thinking about you. I remember all our beach days with our family and friends, and all the love you gave even when you were mad. And all the talks you and i had were so special, i will never forget! I promise to not argue with my mom again, and i will make sure she goes to every family event. I will help take care of grandma, i know you would have wanted that.
I love you.

Robin Nagele on Mar 21, 2014

CandleMy memories of Sulma are so fond. Like so many others who had the pleasure of working with her know that she was an amazing person! She had exceptional phone skills which was a testament to her amazing personality. Whenever she would call me for business purposes, she would always first ask how I was doing.
Sulma's passing is a tremendous loss to all who knew her. My staff and I will miss her! Rest in peace Sulma. Sincerely, Robin C. Nagele, Branch Manager, Tampa, Florida.

Richard on Mar 20, 2014


I will never forget our brief conversations we had when you loaded me up with cases, lol. And how you volunteered to straighten them out when they got out of hand. Your laugh was infectious and warmed my heart when I heard it. No one could ever honestly say they were not moved by you when they had the experience of talking to you. You will always be Mi Querida!

Anthony on Mar 20, 2014

CandlePeanut, I miss you, I love you, I need you. So many times I say it, it will never get old. Even now as I write you are here with me crying :'( trying to keep it together. You showed me so much in life. Sucks your gone even knowing I will see you later I just want you here. I'm waiting for a tex massage can you bring eggs home, can you grab some milk, or the best ones don't get mad but Julius ate this or even nick broke that lol I miss them so much..... I'm not going to be selfish even though I want to be. I know Jesus has big plans for you that's why he could not wait and I trust in him that's how I know ill see you again. You are the best mom anyone can ever have and I am so thankful and so0o so0o blessed to have had 30 years of my life with you. Even though your not here physically your spirit lives inside of me and I will always have that along with all the amazing memories. I know your telling Julius to bother me right now as I write you :) I'm happy because I know your always with me and your in a place words can't even describe. I love you peanut and ill see you later :-*

Watson on Mar 20, 2014

Watson on Mar 20, 2014

CandleA typical day, is no longer a typical day. The excitement she brings to work will be truly missed. She was there when I lost my brother and supported me with my father. Seeing Sulma laugh while complaining about Tanya and Cindy calling her at the same time is priceless. I enjoyed the pictures of Meatball in Julies and the stories that went along with them and the excitement that shows when Brian calls or texts her. It's heartbreaking to find the words to say to someone you assumed was going to be there tomorrow. Every day at 10 pm you say "be safe, I'll see you tomorrow" and for that not to happen are hard. It's tough to accept the reality she's really gone, but I'm blessed to have met someone that makes saying goodbye hard.

carmen on Mar 20, 2014

CandleDee Dee you were awesome, I will miss you, all I have of you is happy memories thank you for being a wonderful sister in law. love ya

Tanya Carvajal on Mar 20, 2014


Nicholas Fusco on Mar 20, 2014

ANTHONY FUSCO on Mar 20, 2014

Laura on Mar 20, 2014

Sulma was a remarkable woman, whom my brother Brian loved with all of his heart. Sending loving thoughts to her dear family and friends. Wishing you all peace in your hearts.

Brian Roberts on Mar 20, 2014

My love, You are my everything, My other half. You had so many people in your life that knew how great a person can be. You were my best friend, girlfriend, mother for your kids, best cook, best lover, best healer, and everything else I could ask for. I already went to the beach and you were right with me. I am so happy to have had you in my life, And now you can finally rest when you want or dance with your dad all the time. I know how much you missed him. I will always love u baby. Someday I will be with you again.

Karen Lee on Mar 20, 2014

It saddens me when I hear of someone losing a mother.
Tanya my heart and love goes out to you and your family.
We never know the time nor the hour when we will leave this earth
But I would like to share with you. Philippians 4:7 - And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. I know it hurts but try and
Think about all the good times you once shared she is only gone for a short time sleeping
with no pain. We all shall see our love ones again ... Much Love Tanya
RIP Sulma Mendoza

LeslieAnn on Mar 20, 2014

Definitely gone to soon, even though I hadn't known Sulma very long I can say that I was very fortunate to have meet her. Sulma's upbeat and always positive spirit was very contagious and I always felt good after talking to her. She was an asset to McRoberts Service department and will be greatly missed!! RIP

Tammie Milgate on Mar 20, 2014

CandleAlthough I never met Sulma in person she was such a great person. There was never a time when I would call to have Sulma add something to the schedule that she did not have a kind word. My prayers are with Sulma's family at this time. Heaven has another great angel.

Vania Herrera on Mar 20, 2014

CandleSulma brought such great energy into the room everytime she walked in, she will truly be missed.

My sincere condolences,
Vania Herrera

Erik White on Mar 20, 2014

CandleAlthough we never met in person, I considered Sulma one of my best friends at work. There was never a time when calling her did not make me feel better no matter what was happening. She always had a great story to tell me or something to say that just made everything OK. To her family, my deepest condolences on your loss.

Anita Daley on Mar 20, 2014

Sulma, Dee Dee, as we all knew her by, was always on the go, but always made time for her loved ones. I remember her outgoing bubbly personality and her cute giggle. She always was true and said what was on her mind without pretenses. Most of all she was loving and non-judging. I never heard her speak ill of anyone, on the contrary ,she always lifted everyone up. I remember her generosity most and how everyone was family to her. I will deeply miss her, a rare gem, but I know she is in peace with our Lord and soon we will meet again.

Avis Mack on Mar 20, 2014

CandleDeepest sympathy to the family of this beautiful and nice woman. Ive only ever heard her voice over the phone but no matter the situation she was always understanding and kind. I really appreciate the help she afforded me and I can only imagine the joy that she would bring in her day to day interaction with the people she knew and loved. You will be missed.

Avis Mack...Baltimore Branch

Steven Soto on Mar 20, 2014

Janica Cruz on Mar 20, 2014

My Sulma, Where do I begin? You have opened my eyes to see that life is too short to hold onto grudges, resentment and negativity.You always were cheerful and kind and you shared that energy with everyone where ever you went. From that first time you greeted me in the elevator 1st day of orientation I knew you were someone special. What I love most about you is that you could take the worse situation and turn it positive. Sulma would drop anything and everything to attend to her family and even friends no matter what time of day. No matter how stressful her day was she still kept that smile on her face, I will never forget that smile. I love you girl and I know that one day we will one day be all reunited again. Words cannot express the true beauty of this amazing woman. It is a blessing and a privilege to have known and interact with her.

You've made a footprint in my life and you forever will remain in my heart and memories.
Love You Sulma

Cassandra Martinez on Mar 20, 2014

Jesse B. Owens, Operations Manager on Mar 20, 2014

CandleJesse B. Owens ( Mcroberts Team; Cape Canaveral Branch)

We wish to express our deepest sympathy upon the untimely death of Sulma. She was one of our great dispatch as well as a personal friend to many of us who worked with her. The years she devoted to her job will be long remembered by the people of Mcroberts protective agency. May our memories of her be a source of comfort.

James Williams on Mar 20, 2014

CandleSulma was always pleasant to talk to. She was very professional and helpful when it came to her job. I will miss hearing her voice.

Angie Fernandez on Mar 20, 2014

CandleSulma was an amazing, wonderful and beautiful woman, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend and coworker. Every day that I work with her, she would come in and give me a hug and kiss and once again I will tell her how fabulous she looks. She had so much love to give to everyone, I never met someone like her. I'm so glad for the moments we share. Will always miss you. ♥

Ed Quiring on Mar 20, 2014

Sulma would brace me before handing over service calls each day. She was always so delightful to work with even at the busiest times of day. She always had such a great attitude. No matter how stressful my day, Sulma would always put a smile on my face before "releasing the wolves" customers with problems. Sulma recently sent me a picture of a sunset which I have added under pictures. The picture came with a message "my zen, Sulma".

Thank you Sulma,

Jose Serrano (Mcroberts Puerto Rico Branch) on Mar 20, 2014

CandleShe always had a kind word and the best attitude no matter the situation, we always loose the good ones to early!!! My deepest thoughts to her family!!!
She will be missed.

Carmen Veilleux on Mar 20, 2014

CandleSulma was an amazing woman whenever you saw or spoke to her she was always happy and smiling her greetings were truly heart felt. She was always super sweet With her Hola Chula how are you? And Besitos whenever she hung up. I am truly going to miss her. To the family my deepest condolences just know that Sulma was loved and cherished by many people. She will be greatly missed.
Love you always Sulmita!!!!

Ann Ortolano on Mar 20, 2014

On behalf of the corporate office and executive team at McRoberts, we all extend our sincerest condolences for the loss of such a valued employee and friend. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family.

Ann Ortolano, VP HR and the Executive Team at McRoberts

Ed Quiring on Mar 20, 2014

Steven Soto on Mar 20, 2014

CandleThe thing I'll remember most about Sulma, in a word, is "Love". She loved her family, friends and, most of all, life. She is one of those rare individuals who understood what it was to live and not just exist. I will miss her exuberance, stubborness, perfectionist work ethic, and her Group On updates. I will never forget Sulma and I will always consider it an honor knowing her.

God bless you, Sulma. Heaven is no longer missing an angel.

Angela Latour on Mar 20, 2014

CandleShe was awesome lady and I am glad I got to know her. She will truly be missed. Love you Sulma!

M B on Mar 20, 2014

I extend my heartfelt sympathy to the Mendoza family. May those precious memories of your dear loved one Sulma be foremost in your hearts and minds along with this wonderful promise that Jesus made at John 5:28,29. Again, my sincere condolences.

Carol Mendoza on Mar 19, 2014

CandleSulma could take a dull place, be it work , a party etc. And light it up with her free spirit. I could never be feeling down around her because she would always make me laugh be it in person or via phone, that's why I am going to miss her so much, now she is going to shine in heaven with the rest of the angels.

Nicole Aviles on Mar 19, 2014

CandleSulma was truly a beautiful woman inside and out. Her genuine warmth and kindness was felt by everyone she knew and she always had a big hug for everyone. I will always remember her smile, laughter and the way she enjoyed life to the fullest. My deepest condolences go out to her loving family and friends. I was honored to have known Sulma.

Lisa Hamlett on Mar 19, 2014

I met Sulma years ago at work, right away we became friends and have been since. I was drawn to her energy and fun loving spirit, she was such a loving person to be around and party with, I will miss the phone calls and her saying hello sunshine, I will miss you greatly Sulma I love you!

Melody Jimenez on Mar 19, 2014

CandleShe was the best aunt,daughter,mom, grandmother,cousin,and friend that anybody can ask for... her love was unconditional..... I miss her dearly I am still left in shock but all I can keep deep within my heart is good memories.... Although I wasn't ready to let go , I do know that she is in a better place. R.I.P titi Sulma ♥♥♥♥♥ Until we meet again at the beach in heaven. I LOVE YOU!

George Dean lll on Mar 19, 2014

CandleDon't even know we're to start so many great memories , I remember the day we meet and you excepted me into this family with open arm , also showed how important family really is. I will continue to live through you, I am honored and proud to call you my mother in law you will be truly missed but never forgotten I Love You ma.

Denise Dominguez on Mar 19, 2014

CandleBesides her full of life personality, Sulma was a great sister, daughter, Tia and a FANTASTIC Mom!!!
I remember when Tanya & Poppy were very young she would come home from work and cook them food right away! She didn't sit down. And boy...did they know when Mom came home they were gonna grub on some good food, no cereal for her kids. They would be waiting at the dinner table. She always had a niece or nephew there too...She was a warm, welcoming person. She will be greatly missed and Forever in our hearts.

Mark Chang on Mar 19, 2014

CandleThe Greatest woman The Greatest Mom. Embraced me as one of her own you will be much more than a memory to me for I will continue to walk side by side with your children.

Esther Sanchez on Mar 19, 2014

CandleI remember a night many years ago when Sulma and I were on our way to a night club in Miami. We got so lost. We kept going around in circles. Every time we thought we were on the right track, we kept coming back to the same spot on Le Jeune Road. It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone, and I was starting to get upset, but Sulma thought it was hilarious. She was like, "Oh my God! Le Jeune Road! Le Jeune Road! Oh my God!" After a while we were both laughing so hysterically that she could barely drive straight. I think we had more fun getting lost that night than we did when we finally got to the club. That was Sulma! Her happy spirit and laughter were contagious. I am blessed to have known her. Rest in peace beautiful girl. I will always remember you, and I will always cherish the memories. Love you always!

Tammie Rodriguez on Mar 19, 2014

CandleSulma was a woman that out shined. She always loved life. . When she met someone she took them in. . She loved everyone as family. She taught me so much. . I could call her whenever I needed an ear or someone to change my tire. . She will be missed. . We shall meet again my friend/sister. ..xoxo



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