Jeanine Childs
November 22, 1969 - February 22, 2018

Jeanine Childs

Jeanine Childs
Nov 22, 1969 - Feb 22, 2018

Jeanine Childs
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Jeanine C. Childs, Age 48, passed away suddenly on February 22, 2018. Loving daughter of Susan (nee Wimberly) and the late Robert William Childs. Dear sister of Edward (Martha) Pailes & Michael Childs. Cherished Love of Cesar Macedo who "loved Jeanine with all of his life". Fond cousin of Sandy (Rick) Anderson, Carson, Ritchie (Sabrina) Le Blond, Mason and Landen.

Jeanine was employed at National Geographic Cengage Learning. Graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago. Jeanine was an avid fan of the Irish rock band U2. She loved photography and loved the Pilsen Community where she resided for over 16 years. Jeanine was loved by her family and friends. She will be greatly missed.

Visitation will be held on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 from 9:00 to 10:00 am at Fred Hunter Funeral Home, 718 S. Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale with a Funeral Mass at 11:00 am at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 2250 SW 31st Ave., Ft. Lauderdale.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Jeanine's Memory by clicking: Cengage National Geographic.

MACEDO on Jun 4, 2018

Hope you and Jeanine are well and blessed with so much happiness surrounded by our loved ones
Here we star June and the sun is out, However it does not shine for me
the nights are cool and refreshing , However they bring me more sadness as I miss my wife so much
all I have now are these letters that I writte to you so with your permission you can show them to Jeanine
I miss her and I love her nothing is the same
true love never dies and it never goes away,
I read the holy book and I hope you allow her to pick me up and be with her for eternity when my time comes
I read that marriage ends at death, However with your respect and permission I humbly ask for mine
to last for eternity with Jeanine's permission
I know we follow the path you have for us and with my heart in front of you and with all respect
you have given me the worst pain I could ever carry in my life
nothing will ever hurt me as much as losing my beloved wife
we smiled, cried and had our discussion , However we supported each other when she was down I tried to cheer her always made her smile with Ice cream and love when I was down her kind words and company made me feel I was in heaven
now I am all alone with many friends that stand by me trying to bring me joy, However the sun
comes out and it will never shine for me as I lost my wife
I waited all my life like her to get married once and we did , we loved each other and I hope you
grant me my wish
if anyone ever reads this learn from my pain and suffer and love your other half with all your
don't miss a moment to say I love you and always help people in need as the biggest gift God brings us is love
Jeanine on our first anniversary made me make a promise that we would go to the restaurant were we took our small group of friends after our weeding and that we would always on that day would
share our happiness with a homeless man and share our happiness with a lunch for him
that was the Jeanine's way of life and mine
when I see her again boy o boy will I smile again and the sun will shine for me and the nights will be totally devoted to listening to my wife on how her day went
Mat God Bless you all
Macedo Potato (Jeanine's Husband)

Macedo on May 22, 2018

Dear God please tell Jeanine how much I miss her and love her
I thank you for giving me happiness next to her
Now I am in the greatest pain and I carry my cross every day
I love her so much
Now I understand the weight of the cross you carried only mine is lighter as you carried the cross
for all humanity
please spoil her and lover her as she was always an angel she hardly never got mad and looked at
everyone and everything with great love
I cant stop thinking on my wife , I just love her to much
I thank you Jesus for my happy moments
and I hope I see her again soon
I promise I will work hard for you up there and my blessing will be to se her again

Macedo Potato on May 14, 2018

it was mothers day yesterday
I missed you like every day
all I have is these letters to writte to you and tell you how much I love you
the worst pain is a broken heart
you are my angel , my light , my love , my happiness , my strength all the good came from you
now all I have is my faith in Jesus and my memories of happiness and the great pain not to have
you for now
I pray to God that he will grant me my wish and one day you will come for me as the greatest
gift that we get from God is LOVE to LOVE and to be LOVED
I was not rich but I was the richest man in the world full of love with you by my side
I worked hard because you were my Queen and I tried my best to make you happy
I gave you many worries and you were always by mi side
the greatest give from God now is to be at your side
I love you
Macedo Potato your husband

cgm on May 7, 2018

every day I love you more
I miss you so much
I came to America in search of a dream and I found it , it was you
you are the love of my life
nothing in this world compares to the pain of losing your other half
in school they called my wife Jeanini Mc Bean and I was Macedo Potato
toghether we laughed at life , we fought against odds , we were worried for problems and
we gave each other strength to keep on
now I am waiting for the day to be with her again
I love you so much Jeanine this potato is all alone
there can be very good people around me , However my heart is broken and empty
I love you
hopefully the Lord will call me to be at your side
your Macedo Potato

cgm on Apr 2, 2018

I wish I was with you
I miss you so much
for all of you that read this
always love your other half the pain to lose them
is so deep it is like carrying the Cross every day
be good and love to the fullest and never leave for tomorrow
what you can say or do today
always tell her or him that you love them

cgm on Apr 2, 2018

Jeanine its been 39 days since you left and I love you more
I miss you every day
I know your with God and I just miss you so much
your husband

Eva Mullins` on Mar 11, 2018

Susan, my dearest cousin, the loss of a dearly beloved child was the most devastating reality to my husband and I. I remember the heartbreak when Bacil said that he was supposed to die before his children-middle son and then his daughter. But then, even though I could not see his face or hear her delightful laughter as she called my name, I realized the closeness we had shared in the past, over time felt even closer, as if all I had to do was to say their name and they would suddenly appear. I eventually realized though absent in the flesh they were always going to be with me in spirit, and I could finally feel the joy of their constant presence. God bless you, Susan, as you draw closer to your beloved Jeanine! With loving concern, Eva

Aldo De La Haza on Mar 7, 2018

Thank you for sharing your life with us. In our hearts you'll always be.
Aldo & Diana De La Haza

Cgm on Mar 6, 2018

I love you
I miss you
No te olvides de mi
Te amo
Tu esposo

Cgm on Mar 6, 2018

I love you Jeanine
You are my world my life
I am lost without you
I hope to see you soon
You made me the happiest Man
Te quiere mucho
Tu esposo que te adora

Sharon on Feb 28, 2018

Soon death will be no more , the former things have passed away.

Lisha on Feb 27, 2018

To Jeanine's family,
"May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and gave everlasting comfort and good hope by means of undeserved kindness, comfort your hearts and make you firm..."
-2 Thessalonians 2 :16

Maria on Feb 27, 2018




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Fred Hunter Funeral Home - Downtown Ft. Lauderdale
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9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


St. Ambrose Episcopal Church
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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33312
11:00 AM

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