Great Testimonial from Zix Family

Hi Ken..

Hard to believe it’s been three weeks. I wanted to send you a detailed ‘thank you’ for the attention to detail your Fred Hunter team exhibited when we buried our Dad.

You and the rest of the Fred Hunter staff were exemplary in your professional and caring treatment of my family and my Dad. As a past employee at a funeral home, I’m very familiar with the details of your business.. and just about every aspect of what your team did for us. Thank you – especially for:

the careful and respectful preparation for viewing

the clean and orderly appearance of the funeral home, inside and out

the handling and placement of flowers sent by our loved ones

the careful arrangement of Dad’s special possessions on the memory table

the spotless casket

the also-spotless limousine and courteous, respectful driver

the neat appearance of all Fred Hunter staff we met

the smooth transfers to and from the hearse

the coordination of the police escort

the caring way my wife and I were treated as we arranged final details

the moving military flag presentation coordinated with the US Navy Honor Guard

the wonderful church service & music coordinated with Pastor Jace Wills’ team

the watchful eye over the entire event

I didn’t miss a single detail.  Neither did you.

I can only hope that words of affirmation mean as much to you and your team as they do to me.  You all made a wonderful difference.  And I, for one, will never forget your care and respect.

Thank you!

Dan Zix


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