Erica Hanson
October 26, 1968 - July 11, 2018

Erica Hanson

Erica Hanson
Oct 26, 1968 - Jul 11, 2018

Erica Hanson
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Erica Hanson, 49, of Tamarac, Florida passed away July 11, 2018. Erica has been a Tamarac resident for the past 4 years. She is survived by her sister, Rosalie Antonio. She was preceded in death by her parents; Eric and Dorothy Hanson.

When life's curtain calls for me
Let it be said, I lived for Thee
This earthly house I'll need no more
So I'll take my bow, someway, somehow
You'll give me wings to fly
Far beyond the vast blue sky.

Poem by Marcia Gardener


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Maria Thompson on Aug 6, 2018

I pay tribute to my best friend, my sister, my rock. Always there, always willing to listen, to laugh, and to drag u when u need it. Honest, loving and kind. I always knew with certainty she was always a call away. She made every outing an adventure even when we were just hanging out. She never forgot He who made all things possible and you could always feel His presence when you were with her. She loved unreservedly...was uncompromising in her faith....and was a true friend. We always supported each other as we made our way through this life....Her path in this life has ended and we said goodbye on 7-28-2018. I miss u my friend, my sister....sleep well and may His light perpetually shine on you.

Maria Walters on Aug 6, 2018


Anita on Jul 26, 2018

The first time I remember meeting sister Erica, was in late 2004, when I was just a teenager who struggled in hard times and came across this church. I was greeted by the Hawthorne family, along with sister Erica, the Dennis family, and the Hunter family as well.

I will never forget the time when she always stood by my side when I was in deep concern with family issues, school, etc. She was like a big sister to me and gave me such big hugs when it was the end of the service.Gentle, loving, and sweet, I felt a great connection to her and to my church family.
Rest in peace and thank you for being with us to the very end.

Rosalie A Antonio on Jul 25, 2018

Sharon Bloomfield on Jul 23, 2018

Erica my sister, my friend, a gem, I thank God for having met you. The bars of flesh has burst wide open and you have taken your flight as a mighty eagle, home at last, cares all passed ever to rejoice.
I will always cherish your memory.

Rev: Sharon Bloomfield

Denton on Jul 19, 2018

Our dearest Erica has left this earthly home. However, we can rest assured that she's lying in the arms of Sweet Jehovah. Condolences to her family and friends. May God grant comfort to all.

Ricketts Family

Heather Douglas on Jul 19, 2018

Jacinth Buddle-Dougall on Jul 19, 2018

The first candle represents our grief. The pain of losing you is intense. It reminds us of the depth of our love for you. The second candle represents our courage to comfort our sorrow and to comfort each other. The third candle we light in your memory. For the times we laughed and cried and the silly things you did. The caring and the joy you gave. The fourth candle we light for your love. That it will shine always for your family and friends. We will cherish a special place in our hearts that will be reserved for you. We thank you for the gift your living has brought to each of us. We love you and we will always remember you.

The Buddle and Dougall Family.

Sandra on Jul 17, 2018

My heart aches knowing you have left us. It is very hard to put into words what I am feeling. You were such a graceful, kind, genuinely loving person. Always calm and together. I am going to miss you terribly our long phone calls to catch up any news. I know you are resting, no more pain, that is my comfort that you no longer suffer. My heartfelt condolences to dear Rosie. Our family will get through this together with Gods help. Sleep on my dear beloved

Kk on Jul 16, 2018

Kareln R on Jul 16, 2018

Thanks for this experience.

Donna Rearrie on Jul 15, 2018

My condolences to the family,Erica was a sweet heart. We Will be praying for you the family. God is in control just put everything in his hand.Donna Rearrie New Life Assembly Jamaican


Erica left her footsteps in the sands of time. The lives she touched will forever be grateful RIP Erica. Rosie and the rest of the family take comfort that she is at rest. May you all find comfort in God's peace. Sharon & Clover Barnett

Penny Watson-Perkins on Jul 14, 2018

I met this most charming and beautiful soul many years ago, found Erica to be so patient and calm, never seemed ruffled easily, her finesse, charm and grace will be permanently etched in my mind. I am so very sorry that when you called to tell me on your last trip to Jamaica in February of this year, that you arranged a ride to come visit me but was disappointed that the arrangement fell through, little did I know that was to come say goodbye! Sigh, my eyes are filled with tears, if only I knew that would be the last time I would have seen you, I will always remember your pretty face and beautiful persona, my family and I are better off for having known you my darling. It pains my heart that you had such a painful journey, I bawled, but now there'll be no more pain! Sleep on my beloved and take your rest. Love you.
Penny Watson-Perkins.

Gurline Samuels on Jul 14, 2018

Erica a Beloved Friend ,my Sister in Christ,it is so hard to see you go, but I have accepted the fact that your assignments here on Earth is over and you are called to rest for the next.
A powerful woman of God you were,you ran your race fearlessly, with determation power and strength u were indeed force to be reconked with when it come to TRUE worship.Beautiful inside out compassionate , loyal,kind and humble.. Confidant PRAYER WARRIOR and a Friend
So many beautiful memories to remember you by Beloved.
Sis. Gurline

Beverley Henderson on Jul 14, 2018

The tender thoughts you left comes to our memory, your
loving smile so precious will always be with us, gone but not forgotten. Erica, you have ran well and, the life you live resonates with everyone," Mighty Woman of God you are clothed with the sun, with the moon under your feet and on your head a garland of stars " Rest in peace my sister , my friend , my mentor.
To the family: I am praying for your strength , God is in control.
Dr. Rev. Beverley and Austin Henderson

Seanette Samuels Barrett on Jul 13, 2018

To Erica's loved ones, my sincere condolences to you at this very difficult time. We pray for God's peace and comfort for you all. Erica and I were in the same classes at Mobay High from 1st to 3rd form. She had a quiet, humble spirit. She'll be missed. So so sorry for your loss.

Donna Hanson on Jul 13, 2018

Sincere condolences to every family member.. We'll get through this together.

Vivia O. Haye on Jul 13, 2018

Wow where do I begin. I reflect on our good times of almost 40 years of friendship. From first form until now you were so brave fearless and bold with a determination like no other. Humility was your middle name. Reflecting on our walks home coming down from union street hill.. me, you, Sonya and Pauline then Karlene was added to the group. Many fond memories can’t believe I am here writing this ...your levelheadedness was beyond your years. I am so happy I was given the opportunity to spend a few minutes with you. Your support of my ministry was also awesome. However nothing could top those last few minutes we shared. Thanks Rosie for allowing me in Erica’s caring moment at such a critical time. I will forever live with the hope that you died in Christ and we will all be reunited on that great getting up morning. Rest well my friend until then... Vivia O Haye💕💕🙏🙏

Tash Martin on Jul 13, 2018

My deepest condolences to Erica's family and friends. You were the most sincere, always thinking about others. You had a heart of gold, you were always just a phone call away you will be missed by your GK Lawrenceville family. A great soul sleep in peace my friend.
Gk Lawrenceville

Laurel Walters on Jul 12, 2018

I extend my sincerest condolences to the family and friends. Erica has left her smile in our hearts and she will always be remembered with love. Rest in eternal peace Erica.

Claudette P. Derrick on Jul 12, 2018

My sympathies are extended to the family. I remember Erica's devotion to her Aunt Daphne. I pray that happy memories will help to heal sore hearts.
Dr. Claudette Derrick

Novelet Clarke on Jul 12, 2018

To Erica’s Family and Friends,
Words are inadequate for me to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to you all.
Erica was the sweetest person anyone could ever meet.
She was humble, Godly, pleasant, honorable, loving, respectful and meek.
She suffered a great deal on this earth but I am positive that God is going to be rewarding her with many stars on her crown.
Pastor Clarke and I will miss you but this is not the end!
Thank God for the hope that you passed with, that although your body is destroyed by death, I am assured that God has a new house for you one not made by hands but eternal in the Heavens.
Family, I am sure you are grieving like many of us but please do not weep as those that have no hope cause we will see her again.
Love and miss you Erica.
May your soul Rest In Peace and light perpetual shine upon you.
We have lost a wonderful friend 🙏💖💔😭

Heather Douglas on Jul 12, 2018

Your crown awaits! Erica you have certainly ran your race well. Always the encourager... always on a mission for God. I won’t forget our 5K walk...or our plans for the homeless ministry...or when you just provided a book of encouragement for my daughter on the just happened to have in your car.😊 You were truly led by the Holy Spirit and used by God. I thank you for the strength that you displayed, even in those difficult last few months. I have been blessed to have known you and called you friend. I know that God has used you, a powerful Woman of God for His greater glory.
🎶 May the life I’ve lived speak for me, when I’m resting in my grave, and there’s nothing that I can say, may the life I’ve lived , speak for me 🎶
Love you,
Heather Douglas

Ruth Hinkson on Jul 12, 2018

Erica did well. She finished her course with excellence, grace, faith and confidence. Her earthly life book has been completed but her heavenly book has just begun and will never end. Our short years of knowing God ‘s special gem and the impact of her heavenly disposition, strong faith ,love for God and others and her words of encouragement will continue to keep the spark within us until we see her.
To Rosie, Dr.Floyd and all family members; may the presence of God bring you great peace!!
Erica is already resting in perfect peace.
Rev. Frank and Dr. Ruth Hinkson

Valrie Brown- McIntosh on Jul 12, 2018

Erica you were a special friend. I was intigal in making Tamarac your home we have been friends for almost 40 years as well. You will be remember for your kind,thoughtful and smiling personality. You have a caring and giving heart. You served your God well and your task was completed and so he called you to sleep until the resurrection morning. I will see you gain in the earth made knew. To the family be ready to meet my sister again. We will miss you my sister and friend but we know your soul will Rest In Peace. God loves you more.

Karen Williams on Jul 12, 2018

Erica, you were a rare jewel, a genuine, considerate, caring, quiet, generous and always smiling God fearing individual. I am comforted by the fact that you were prepared to go meet your saviour. God has removed you from your pain and suffering to be by his side. Rest in peace my friend. You will definately be missed. Rosalie, other family members and friends, take comfort knowing that she is in a better place. I pray that God will strengthen you during this time of bereavement.

Tricia Hanson-Griffith on Jul 12, 2018

A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul rose to heaven, closer to God. Erica you were a beautiful person both inside and out! Praying for your family during this time of loss.

Kareln Roxborough on Jul 12, 2018

A Mighty Woman of God has been called home, and uou’ll will be truly missed. Gods task on earth for you has been done, and so He ushered you Home to be with Him. Though we may not understand why now, we do not question your departure, for you are where you ought to be, in the arms of your Loving Father. Your legacy will continue to live on, for all who you interacted with will never forgets the kindhearted, compassionate, and patient spirit that flowed, in, through, and around you. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement in time of need, for the prayers of strength you shared daily, as you displayed the life As a mighty warrior for Christ. You’ll be missed but we rest in peace, knowing you are at peace.
RIP Erica.
Kareln Roxborough

Karlene Johnson on Jul 12, 2018

My friend, my sister in Christ. It hurts to write this but I know for sure you are in a better place. Your strength, your poise and your spirit with serve as a guide for your friends and family. I have know you for close to 40 years and you have always been a special friend. Always taking time to check on me and getting me books to help me grow in my spiritual journey. I thank you for always praying for me and admired your strength to the end. RIP Erica



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