Testimonial from Fertil Family

Dear Mr. Quinn:

 I recently had the opportunity to work with Fred Hunters in preparation for the services for my mother who passed away on the 31st of December.  It is very hard for my family to accept that she is gone and we continue to struggle with that realization.  However, in the midst of it all, the staff (Brian, Sonia, Lisa, etc.) at Fred Hunters was more than wonderful.

 As you know, planning and preparing for a funeral is a lot, both emotionally and financially.  Ms. Sonia knew her stuff and provided me with information that I needed to make it happen.  As for Brian, “he is the man”.  From day one until now, he has provided me with information and materials I needed.  He always presents himself humble and eager to grant my many requests. I continue to meet with him to close out final details for my mother. He has also assisted me with preparation for my father’s arrangements, which I pray is no time soon. 

 Your staff worked well with the church staff during the viewing service on Friday Night and during the Funeral Service on Saturday.  Everyone worked together to make sure that our family received the best services and exactly how we wanted it. Especially when dealing with the huge amount of flowers arrangements delivered to the Church. Your staff at Fred Hunters should be commended for their professionalism and services to the community at large.  Fred Hunters gave my mommy a five star going away/home coming and I know she is pleased with us.

 Nothing can be done to bring mommy back but again I thank you for the team of individuals that you assigned to make the process less painful. I am sure you will be receiving more business from Haitian families as I continue to receive compliments.  Thanks again and continue to do what you do to service people during sad times.


Barbara Fertil

Daughter of the late

Solange Ducatel Fertil

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