The New Fred Hunter’s Home Page

Recently we launched our brand new web presence and we couldn’t be happier with it!

Since our new web presence was redesigned from the ground up, we wanted to help you get accustomed to everything we now have to offer online. Further, we wanted to help explain why we made the decisions we did, and most importantly, how it helps you, the families we serve.

Today we’re going to discuss our new Home Page, and throughout the next few weeks we’ll cover more aspects of our new web presence.


With our new website, we wanted to ensure the design, look and feel accomplished our goals of portraying the unique brand and history of Fred Hunter’s. We wanted the look and feel to be both modern and historic, (much like the Florida communities we serve). We wanted the colors to be soft and modern, yet respectful. And we wanted the layout to be clean and comfortable. As you browse the website, we think you’ll agree we accomplished these goals!


One of the unique aspects of Fred Hunter’s Memorial Services, which was particularly important for us to highlight, is the quality of our facilities. We pride ourselves in having convenient and beautiful facilities, to help provide the top quality services for our communities. It truly sets us apart from all others. And we wanted our home page to highlight these facilities, which so many people associate with the Fred Hunter’s brand.

So the first thing  you notice when you come to our site is the beautiful, rotating slide show featuring our Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood-Taft St, Davie-Cooper City, Hollywood Memorial Gardens, and Community Center locations!


We recognized that the vast majority of our website visitors come to pay their respects, leave memories, and find service information for family and friends who have passed. We understood how important it is for our visitors to easily find the obituary they are looking for. Thus it was critical to show the latest obituaries and services right on our home page, so that your loved one’s permanent online memorial is just a single click away. The first step in memorializing our loved ones is to make their obituaries easy to find.


It was important for our new site to have simple navigation, so that any visitor who arrives for the first time or hundredth time can quickly and easily find whatever information or service they are looking for. Whether you want to find the obituaries, information about Fred Hunter’s, at-need, pre-planning, or contact information; it’s all easy to find and just a click away.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your feedback, questions or ideas for making our website even better! After all, we built this site for you and we are committed to making it a hub for our communities.

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