The New Fred Hunter’s Online Memorials

Last week we discussed how we came up with our new website design, and how that helps us serve our community better.

Now we want to show you the part of our new web strategy that most affects the families we serve: the online obituaries and memorials.


All About Your Loved One

We wanted to reshape our online obituaries to solely celebrate your loved one who has passed, and serve as the permanent online memorial for you, your family, and friends to remember their lives. As such, it was important for us to strip away distractions and keep the content of the memorial focused solely on the person being celebrated.

Sharing and Re-living The Memories


When you visit an obituary, you’ll see that their photo and obituary text is “above the fold”, and you no longer need to scroll to see their portrait and read about their life. We also wanted to make it simple to celebrate their life and add your memories of your loved one quickly and easily,so we removed the requirement to register before submitting your tribute.

We also added a selection of beautiful candles you can light in memory of your loved one while leaving a thought, tribute or memory.

Photos and Videos

Everyone’s heard that a picture’s worth a thousand words. There’s a lot of truth to that saying, so we wanted to tell the story of your loved one’s life through their photos. We make it easy to upload multiple photos at once, and display them on the new Photo Wall. Clicking any photo on the wall brings you into a slideshow view, which lets you walk through each precious moment one by one.

Additionally, we are excited about our ability to now create beautiful tribute videos for your loved one from the photos contributed by your family and friends to the online memorial. These videos are available forever to view online from the memorial, providing you another way to remember and cherish your loved ones.

Healing Registry

Many people who visit the online memorial and obituary ask us how they can help by purchasing flowers or baskets for the family. With our new Healing Registry, we make it simple to choose from a variety of beautiful flowers or sympathy baskets and purchase them online. We’ll automatically ship your selection to the service or an address of your choice.

It’s just another way we feel we can help make a hard time for a family a little bit easier.

Much More

There are many more small treats within our new online memorials and obituaries, so we encourage you to take a look and help us memorialize the amazing lives lived within our community. And as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback and ideas so please feel free to leave a comment below.



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