Webcasting Funerals Live!

Here in South Florida we are transient bunch of people. My family is from NJ and the odds are yours is from somewhere else too. In the event that your friends or family cannot fly down to Florida, here at Fred Hunter’s we can now stream a service live to anywhere in the world. Some funeral homes are now able to record a service and hand a family a CD after the service, but we can actually send out a password protected link to view a live service.

Not only can we stream a live feed of a funeral service, but we also have the ability for the family to chat live with anyone logged into the streaming of the funeral. We can mute the voices on the other end during the service or even allow someone on the other side of the world to speak to the crowd just like they were present at the funeral!

We just had our first webcast today and the family’s friends and family from all over the world were able to see and hear the service. Here at Fred Hunter’s, we strive to serve our families the best we can during the most difficult time of their lives, and Live Memorial Webcasting will help bring many families together.